3 Useful Tips For Cleaning And Maintaining Hydraulic Gear Pumps

Hydraulic machines fitted with a pump can be used to accomplish different kinds of work like lifting, lowering, closing, opening, or rotating components. The hydraulic pumps provide a source of power used to operate many dynamic machines. These pumps have components that require regular maintenance so as to collectively work as a unit to actively perform a certain activity. If you already own or plan to own hydraulic gear pumps, there are few things you should know in regard to proper maintenance and cleaning so as to keep them in mint condition. If you do not take proper care of your machine then you might be setting yourself up for bigger problems as it will start having technical issues and eventually break down. To avoid all the unnecessary failures

Do frequent fluid level check up

When you own a hydraulic pump, it is essential that you frequently check on the oil level in the gear pump reservoir in order to avoid it drying up and causing friction. If friction is occurs the gear’s teeth will fail to move thus causing the whole system to fail all together, which in the end will cost you money.  Having the appropriate oil levels ensures that the pump is well lubricated. After checking the oil levels in the reservoir, you need to flush drain it as well.

Cleaning and maintenance

This is a key procedure when it comes to protective maintenance of hydraulic pumps. When cleaning, you need to seal all the couplers that are not in use with thread protection. You also need to keep all the pipe connections free and away from dirt as well as the other outer surface of the pump. In addition, all the other parts that are connected the pump need to be thoroughly cleaned to avoid carrying dirt back to the pump.

Flush and drain

The pump reservoir needs to be flushed and drained. Before removing the interior components of the pump, you need to first clean the exterior of the pump so as not to transfer the dirt. As you remove the interior parts, make sure not to damage the bump filters or gasket or the pressure valves when you are lifting up the pump reservoir.

You should clean the inside of the reservoir, run the pumps for a good number of minutes then disconnect the motors as well as the pump assembly. After draining and cleaning the inside of the reservoir, fill it with the right amount of oil then assemble it back.

A hydraulic gear pump is the sort of machine that needs thorough cleaning and maintenance if you want it to perform its work efficiently. The above are just the few basic steps you can take to properly maintain the functionality of your pump.  If you don’t keep it in good working conditions, it will fail or slow down its ability to perform the intended duty and eventually break down completely. To avoid all these, just take some time with your machine and check it every now and then.

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