Build a Strong and Supportive Network on Instagram

In the years before the rise of social media and smartphones, the idea of reaching a worldwide audience through a free application would have seemed completely crazy. However, a myriad of platforms have made this a possibility for many individuals. In some instances, Instagram personalities and accounts have even become household names. It all starts with a dedicated group of followers.

Putting up engaging images and content is the best way to get Instagram followers. However, if your exploration into the more creative and interesting side of photography is not yielding the results you want on Instagram, there are companies that will help promote your account and content to a broader audience. This could be the push your account needs to gain broad, or even global, recognition.

More Than Business or Bragging

More people are recognising that Instagram is a great business opportunity. However, there are reasons beyond money to want a big Instagram following. Many people are also putting their photos and profiles into the public sphere to stay accountable and build support for their goals.

Instagram is a great way to remain accountable for a fitness regimen or other goal. For example, if a user runs a fitness-focused account, then posting on Instagram can be a great way to stick to a workout plan or program. The user might promise to post about a workout every day, which brings about more accountability and an expectation to deliver on that promise.

Alternatively, a user who promotes animal rights might promise to do everything possible to save a certain number of shelter dogs within in six months. Throughout that timeframe, other users will look for updates and progress reports. Suddenly, there is a whole collection of people hoping the animal rights activist can achieve his or her goal. It is much easier to passionately pursue your goals when you have virtual cheering section behind you.

Build a Support System

Instagram is a great way to build a support system. Likeminded users will support one another by posting photos of support and encouragement, and through this social media platform it is possible to build an entire network of people striving towards the same purpose. This is great for individuals interested in starting a fashion brand, becoming a yoga instructor, or even losing weight. Suddenly, the user is not alone in the pursuit, but has a whole network of support to aid in his or her particular cause.


The relationship building aspect of Instagram is also useful in bad times. Real world friendships and support networks have started on the application. Whether is it losing a family member, failing an exam, or battling a depression, through Instagram it is possible to find people who are going through similar circumstances and also sharing the emotions and thoughts that come with these experiences.

Do it for a Good Cause

Perhaps the reason for expanding your network on Instagram is less about reaching a specific goal and more about raising awareness. Instagram can be a great place to promote a cause, raise awareness of a social issue, or take a staunch political position. While words can be a strong tool for swaying others and engaging in a debate, it is true that images can have additional emotional impacts. Particularly for those causes that pull at the heartstrings, Instagram can be a great place to start building support.

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