Physical Document Storage

Doing away with Physical Document Storage

Have you got a problem with document storage? Don’t worry, online document storage specialists can take care of this issue for you on your behalf. Imagine how much easier your life would be if your business records and documents were moved off site. Space wouldn’t be so much of a problem and if you needed important documents back at any time, they can be returned to you without delay.

problem with document storage

Let the experts:-

  • Pack your documents
  • Convey them to a secure storage facility
  • Place all of your documents on dedicated shelving areas

The great news is if you need a file urgently, a digitised version of your file can also be e-mailed or uploaded to a cloud within the hour, how about that for a professional document storage service?

Pack your documents

A flexible document storage solution

It doesn’t matter whether you require a short pay-as-you-go storage option or long term storage. With a scan-on-demand service for access to your files, Paper Escape are one of the UK’s leading document storage providers. Pay-as-you-go storage services are perfect for business relocation or short term storage. This type of flexible service also offers:-

  • Month to month rolling contracts
  • Scan on demand e-retrievals or physical file retrieval on request
  • You only pay for what you use

Benefit from a full range of document management services including scanning, document storage as well as shredding. Your company’s archives can also be securely stored and accessed as you need them. There’s no need to worry about getting document retrievals. Reliable document management operatives can quickly locate, retrieve, scan and send the requested file or files to you before returning the original paper file or files into storage.

pay for what you use

Scan on demand

You may be a little concerned about document retrievals especially if they are urgent. Maybe you have to go over old invoices, accounts or you have a client on the phone asking about last month’s deliveries. Put any worries to the back of your mind. For small or large volumes of files, reliable document storage providers can create a cloud storage system to upload your files to which you can retrieve at the touch of a button.

There’s also no need to be worried about document storage security. Document storage centres provide:-

  • Secure collections
  • Fully alarmed premises
  • 24/7 central CCTV monitoring
  • Highly trained and vetted staff
  • Intrusion detection

Intrusion detection

When it comes to document storage there are no hidden fees. You can expect no hidden charges for storing or withdrawing your boxes, all costs will be detailed from the beginning. Should you wish to remove your files from storage, all you have to give is thirty day’s notice to arrange a convenient time for the return of your paperwork.

Pay as you go document storage

Two of the best things about pay as you go document storage is that there’s no minimum contract and no withdrawal fees. How about that for a great service?

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