Benefit Chocolate Manufacturers

How Eliminating Intermediaries would Benefit Chocolate Manufacturers and Farmers

When it comes to chocolate, it would not be wrong to suggest that your mouth would start watering. It is a common phenomenon, as people would start to remember the taste of chocolate at the mere mention of its name. The taste of chocolate would swirl around the mouth for that brief moment. You would start craving for it and so the hunt would begin. With that being said, do you know chocolate manufacturing is a huge business? We have tasted the delicacy a thousand times over, with little thought given to the manufacturing of chocolate. Let us discuss what it takes to bring chocolate to the people.

The drawback

Elimination of intermediaries for raw cocoa supply

The chocolate industry has been ever developing and improving. In the earlier times, intermediaries were involved whenever bulk chocolate manufacturing company had to order loads of raw cocoa beans from the farmers. However, things have changed drastically. The intermediaries have now been eliminated from the scenario. Cocoa farmers could go directly to chocolate manufacturers to enter into an agreement with them. This latest development has been actually a great thing, as the stake of both the parties would be best served.

raw cocoa supply

Direct dealing between the provider and manufacturer

When chocolate manufacturers could discuss directly with the farmers, they could cater the farmers with specific instructions on how they want their cocoa beans to be produced. The cocoa beans have been especially cultivated and fermented in order to meet the precise standards of the manufacturers. The presence of an intermediary could hamper the acquisition of best quality and aroma of beans. These intermediaries would rarely have any knowledge about cocoa or any other product they acquire. This has been yet another reason why direct dealing with farmers has been imperative.

provider and manufacturer

Best possible rates in the market

Cocoa farmers would benefit largely when they acquire the means to negotiate directly with the chocolate manufacturer. They could get premium prices for their cocoa products. Most of the cocoa bean farmers have been largely dependent on their produce in order to earn a decent living. Therefore, the elimination of intermediaries from the dealing would acquire their products best possible rates in the market.

rates in the market

The chocolate manufacturers and cocoa bean farmers would directly bargain on a price. As a result, there would be reasonable discount for chocolate manufacturers along with best possible rate for cocoa bean farmers. This would be the best possible advantage acquired when no intermediaries have been involved. Both industries would be given premium rates for the products they provide or need.

The drawback

However, it has been very rare that cocoa bean farmers would avail the chance to negotiate sales matters straight with the chocolate manufacturing companies. This has been primarily because of topographical differences along with the language barrier issues facing them in the face. The finest cocoa beans in the world have been known to come from the Dominican Republic. Nonetheless, the biggest market for such high quality beans has been in the US. It would not be wrong to suggest that it is the US, where famous chocolate manufacturers have been doing business.

The drawback

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