How to achieve style and safety in the workplace

Creating an office that is both stylish and safe can be tricky, and you may think that you have forfeit one of these objectives in order to achieve the other. However, designing a space that looks great and offers a secure and comfortable place for you and your members of staff to work could be easier than you think if you follow these useful hints and tips.

Keep it comfortable yet classy

Comfort is key in any office environment. Unless your employees are happy with their environment at work, it’s likely that their attitudes and physical wellbeing will begin to falter. An uncomfortable and unpleasant workstation can lower productivity and have an impact on employee health. So, in order to keep your workers feeling happy and content, it’s important that you think carefully about their comfort and satisfaction.

The good news is, when it comes to health and safety in the workplace, you don’t necessarily have to compromise on style. You can ensure your employees’ benefit from a highly practical office that looks the part too. For instance, you should provide your workforce with comfortable seating. When you’re choosing these furnishings,the models you go for should ideally be cushioned with a contoured and padded back for extra support and they should feature height and tilt adjustability. You shouldn’t struggle to find products that meet these specifications and also exude style. For example, the full lumbar office chairs from office furniture company Furniture At Work™ are designed with a variety of integrated features, as well as being available in a range of different colours and made from soft, attractive material, meaning you can easily combine style and comfort.

Don’t overlook size when thinking about style

When it comes to the desks your employees use, you may be tempted to opt for surfaces that complement your office decor. While it’s understandable that you may want your workstation setups to look slick, it’s just as important that the tables you choose are the perfect size. Going for designs that are aesthetically pleasing but lack space for your workers to carry out their daily tasks will only leave them feeling unhappy and cramped. Instead, you could opt for desks that are both spacious and sophisticated. Ideally, you should look for surfaces that feature inbuilt drawers so members of staff can organise their belongings more easily. Desks with cable tidies are also highly beneficial. Not only do they look the part, but these designs can also help keep stray wires stashed away to reduce the risk of trips and falls in the office.

By taking these suggestions into consideration, you shouldn’t find it difficult to achieve both style and safety in your workplace.

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