pasta making machine

How to get different shapes of pasta?

Many people love to make pasta in their home and when you need to make pasta in your home at first you need to have good pasta making machine. Pasta machine makes the task very simple and it is also very quick.  There are different varieties and models of machines available now days that you can buy, so when buying the machine first figure it out what type of pasta you like to have.

Types of pasta maker

Roller pasta makers – this pasta maker is one of the most common types of makers and is commonly used in every household. There are different types of deigns available in this pasta maker. In this machine, dough runs through the roller in particular series that flattens as well as lengthens the dough into a long sheet. Once it gets into the shape of long sheet user can cut the sheet as per their requirement and desire. In order to cut the sheet, you also need to have pasta cutter then make the sheets into the strands of new and fresh pasta.  This machine is also known as pasta noodle machine because by this machine you can get the pasta in the shape of noodles.

Extrusion pasta makers – this machine is widely used in a commercial kitchen because it is more difficult to use.  In this machine user has to press the pasta dough via die and when you press the dough, it breaks into pieces. Once it gets into different pieces user can shape it as per their requirement. This machine can also be called nest pasta machine because you can shape the separate pieces into the nest shape that provides a very unique and exotic look to the pasta and customer also loves this shape of pasta.  As it is little complicated to use that’s why most of these machines are manufactured with automatic technology that means you only need to add the ingredients and rest all the work is done by the machine itself.

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