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Most Popular Online Communities for HR Consultancy in UK

In the United Kingdom, HR consultants are in high demand. This profession is one that spans across many sectors in the business market. With this being said, those who are considered HR consultants, are often looking for new ways to connect with others in the same field. They may be wanting to reach out to others to get advice, to find new employment, learning more about new techniques and simply letting off some frustrations that they may have about their job. Whatever the reason for wanting to find others in this field, the use of online communities or forums is becoming one of the most popular ways of doing this in the UK. For those who are looking for forums, here are some of the popular locations online to find practical information and HR companies to work with.

  • HR Exchange

This is going to offer a forum and online community, as well as information for those who are working in this field within the UK. Those who are a part of this forum are going to be connecting with others, as well as finding answers to questions that they may have related to the HR field.

HR Exchange

  • Human Resources London

This is considered one of the most influential human resources forums that are available in the UK.  Those who participate in this forum are those that are in the HR field. For newbies, this can be a great way to of learning the who is who in the field, as well as discussing new methods and approaches to dealing with workplace disagreements.

  • UK Business Labs Forums

This website is dedicated to the business market in the UK and all those who are involved in this market. Included on the website are those forums dedicated to human resource professionals who are interested in connected with other professionals or even asking for advice on dealing with particular situations.

UK Business Labs Forums

  • City HR Association

This is an association that was founded in 1973, and has been dedicated to those in the HR profession. They provide a discussion forum for work related issues, as well as allowing people to connect with other HR professionals in their area.

  • Co-operatives UK

This forum is meant to connect you to others in the HR field. The idea is that this can allow HR professionals to connect with those who have similar interests, and it has also served as a method for other professional in need of an HR professional to find the one that fits their needs.

Co-operatives UK

For those who are in the human resources field, there is no reason that they should feel along in this profession. These forums and online communities are a great way to connect with one another, and can even be a useful resource for advancing your career.

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