promote your business than with petrol nozzle advertising

Nozzle Advertising, the Ideal Way to Promote your Business

Has your business had a successful advertising campaign this year?  If the answer is no, then maybe you’re using the wrong marketing, advertising strategy.  It’s all well and good trying to promote your business products and services in newspapers or magazines, but is it working?  Any type of business needs good local coverage in order to be successful.

For cost-effective ways to promote your business, how about fuel nozzle targeting?  As each motorist selects their fuel grade and fills up their vehicle, they will see your advert.  Think about it, this is one of the few places that people have to stop and stand still, with little or no distraction.  They can’t eat, drink or use a mobile phone while filling up, what an opportunity to advertise your business!  There’s no better way to promote your business than with petrol nozzle advertising, that’s for sure.

promote your business than with petrol nozzle advertising

One to one connection

Nozzle advertising is a great opportunity to capture the individual’s attention; it’s so different from any other kind of advertising formats.  Naturally, as a business owner you may be asking yourself why you should invest in petrol nozzle advertising, what are the benefits?  Here are a few positive points to mull over:-

  1. How is petrol nozzle advertising so different from the rest?
  2. Your hand held advert creates a one to one connection with a motorist for the duration of their fill up.  Every person who sees your advert represents potential new business.
  3. How can I be certain that my advert will be seen? The latest independent research has found that an average of 52 seconds is spent looking at advert fill ups.
  4. How many people will see my ad?

One to one connection

Reliable independent figures indicate that across a four week period, on average there are approximately 16,000 fill-ups at a roadside forecourt and 48,000 fill-ups at a supermarket forecourt.

These independent figures are certainly impressive and a great way to advertise to locals as well as people who may be visiting the area.  It’s a golden opportunity for your business to reach thousands of more customers without having to spend a fortune on advertising and marketing campaigns.

Book a four week campaign

To see how petrol nozzle advertising works, how about booking a four week campaign?  You can do this easily via online advertising specialists,  just follow three simple steps:-

1-Enter your postcode

2-Pick your location

3-Enter your preferred forecourts

As soon as you have provided this info, press the search button.  You will then be able to see how many petrol station locations are in your area that offer nozzle advertising.  In addition to this there’s also online information provided regarding:-

One to one connection

  1. The specific location of each local petrol station
  2. The distance from your postcode
  3. Average fuel buyers
  4. The price per four week block

When you think that 7/10 average motorists recalls a petrol nozzle advert, isn’t it about time you promoted your business this way?

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