UK Study Reveals Sheffield As Fitness Capital

A nationwide study into the level of fitness amenities in service has been conducted by online health website, assisted by independent GP Wayne Osborne, released earlier this month. The study was commissioned by to ascertain the density of fitness facilities per capita for each urban area within the United Kingdom to therefore analyse which towns and cities are best provided with a substantial opportunity for keeping active within a regulated and safe environment. made the results of the study public by way of identifying the following:

–               Number of privately owned gyms per capita

–               Number of council run leisure facilities per capita

–               Number of independently owned gyms per capita.

Results obtained through the process enabled to conclude that the density of each of the three types of fitness facility establishment were inconsistent upon location. A further breakdown reveals the following statistics:

Edinburgh  – highest density (100,000) of privately owned facilities in UK (2.697)

Liverpool – highest density (100,000) of council run facilities in UK (4.282)

Sheffield – highest density (100,000) of independently owned facilities in UK (31.662)

The data suggests Sheffield is the overall ‘hotspot’ for fitness facilities in operation within the UK, despite many other main towns and cities proving to have a stronger hold on gym franchises and council run establishments.

Table 1 – Evidence of density for privately owned fitness facilities; Edinburgh is the highest performer in this category.


Table 2 – Evidence of council run fitness facilities; Liverpool is the highest performer in this category.


Table 3 – Evidence of independently owned fitness facilities; Sheffield is the highest performer in this category.


The full findings for the Fitness Capital of UK study can be found on the blog, where Dr Wayne Osborne provides his analysis on the relationship between keeping an active lifestyle and a longer, happier existence.

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