Washing machine for the industrial cleaning

Washing machine for the industrial cleaning

Machineries and equipments are needed to be cleaned regularly for higher efficiency, durability and improved performance. Traditionally, solvent parts cleaning technique is used in which there is a use of harmful chemicals. Aqueous parts washer is an advanced and latest technique of washing the parts. This type of washers is capable of washing with high power that eliminates the need of cleaning solutions. Hence, this type of washers offers safe and biodegradable cleaning.

Working of the parts washers

Industrial parts washing machine works on the principle of heating the oil and grease from the surface to clean the parts just like the solvent washers. Heat is generated in a unit of this type of washers which heats the surfactant and degreasing solution. So, when this solution is poured on the greased parts, the grease melts down to degrease the surface and other types of contaminants from surface of the parts.  Thus, the parts are cleaned completely. The cleaning solution used in this type of washers are safe for the environment, non toxic, non inflammable and non hazardous hence it can be disposed by throwing the solution in the drains.

Safe water based cleaning

In the aqueous parts washers, there is a use of water for cleaning so there is no damage to the parts.  This type of washers is available in semi automatic and fully automatic models to be installed in the industries depending upon the needs.  This makes parts cleaning faster and efficient. Advanced models of this type of washers are programmable which makes it very convenient for the users to customize it according to the needs. Installation of this type of washers in the industries saves the cost of hiring the cleaning experts and avoids the worry of possible damages while cleaning.  There are many models of this type of washers you can choose the best according your requirements.


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