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Why Deployment of Employee Monitoring Tools Can Do More Harm than Good

Employee monitoring solutions are often marketed as an essential tool for enhancing the productivity of workforce and profitability of business. Products like the one available on www.mobistealth.com attract employers by giving them a glimpse of the tantalizing features and many benefits they can get from installing these digital tools on company-owned devices such as iPhones. What such websites fail to mention is that these tools come with a price, and no, not the purchase price, but rather the consequence price. Based on the seriousness of the issue, we have tried to reveal the other side of the coin by shedding light on some of the drawbacks of this rapidly growing technology.

Cause Distrust and Resentment Among Employees

Employee monitoring solutions negatively affect the employer-employee relationship by making employees feel that the management does not trust them. These tools give rise to a hostile working environment, which make it difficult for employees to feel relaxed and remain committed. The feeling that they are being treated as children rather than adults can make them feel angry. Some employees may even start to feel isolated as they can’t interact with their family, friends, and even colleagues freely during working hours. All this adds up to decrease job satisfaction, which can lead to increased employee turnover.

Employee Monitoring Tools

Distract Top Management

This is undoubtedly one of the biggest pitfalls of employee monitoring tools. By delivering nitty gritty details of how employees spend their time at workplace, including details of the websites they’ve been visiting, the kind of messages they’ve been exchanging, the contents of their emails, etc., it’s pretty easy for the top management to lose focus of what their actual role is, i.e. to steer the overall company, and instead become more involved than necessary in detective work. It’s important to delegate the responsibility of keeping the workforce in line to those given supervisory roles, and resist the temptation of micromanaging everything just because digital monitoring tools empower them to do so easily.

Drain Financial Resources

An average employee monitoring tool costs several hundred dollars a year, depending on the size of workforce and digital gadgets in use of course. This is an additional expense as far as the company is concerned. Some employers even hire an additional person, or perhaps an entire team, to manage these tools and the reports generated by them, thus draining even more of company’s financial resources. And of course, the company finds itself losing a considerable amount of money and reputation if sued by employees on account of nonconsensual monitoring of digital devices and activities at workplace.

Reduce Employee Productivity

Employee monitoring tools are believed to increase employee productivity when that is not always the case. According to a report published by the Society for Human Resource Management, intrusive monitoring of employees decreases their productivity as they start focusing more on abiding by certain rules rather than focusing on the quality of their work. The constant fear that they are being watched and that even the slightest bit of carelessness on their part can cost them their job causes them stress, which can decrease their efficiency.

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