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HUFA een layer/700 ml/0.7 LThermal Bento Lunchbox/Thermos Voor Voedsel Rvs Opslag voedsel Container/Servies sets

HUFA een layer/700 ml/0.7 LThermal Bento Lunchbox/Thermos Voor Voedsel Rvs Opslag voedsel Container/Servies sets

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HUFA one layer/700ml/0.7 LThermal Bento Lunch Box/Thermos For Food Stainless Steel Storage food Container/ Dinnerware sets   Overall view of all the component     Specification Easy to storage and let your lunch tasty 
1 Layer - 0.7 L 
2 Layers 1.4 L  3 Layers 2.1 L  Three colors-green orange blue,the other color can be customed!
It is designed as combined style, easy to use, durable, reusable and healthy sealing thermal insulation. 
So it's perfectly fit for bringing lunch to school,to office or outside. 
In addition, its easy-to-clean container also washes quickly. 
Besides, it also ideals for sides and snacks, it has a handy divider for your favorite combinations : apple wedges and cheese, a half sandwich and carrot sticks, blueberries and almonds, mini pitas and deli sliced turkey, and on and on. Whatever you pack, even picky eaters will find lunch more appetizing. 
Can be refrigerated; 
Can be used in dishwashers; 
Cannot be used in microwave oven. 
We encourage healthy and hassle-free lunch by providing an easy-to-use and modern alternative to portable meal storage. This is the sleek lunch box solution for school, work and travel. No more brown-bag lunches or disposable plastic and paper containers. With it, packing and transporting food is quick, simple, and eco-friendly. 
It is easy to open the lid if you follow this step :  
First open the air hole on top before opening the lid. Very IMPORTANT!!!    Product detail Arched handle : More convenient to carry Press Airproof : Box identify layers, effectively preventodor High Airtight Performance to keep warm Perfectly size for bringing lunch to school, to office or to the travel Lunch box is made of food grade materials and high quality stainless steel, non-toxic,tasteless, health and safety. Product show   Compared with the other product       Customer Questions & Answers   How much food can hold ?   A : Quite a bit. I use it for my daughter's lunch 4 and 6, a small sandwich, vegetable and chips.It is great and I like it as it is convenient.   Is this microwavable? A : I don't think so since its metal inside. You'll have to microwave the food in a microwave safe plate then transfer the food.   Does the second layer seal tight? Also how long do things stay warm or cold in here? A : It seals fine. So far I only have used it for salads, nothing hot yet.Can't not keep hot for longe time.

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